In late 2009, early 2010 I was on the road filming several dozen interviews for a company history project and it was such a neat experience hearing these wonderful stories from passionate people. The only drawback was that we would have loved to have interviewed the founder of the company which passed away tragically and others that were essential to the company in the early years.

On January 22nd, 2010 as I was drive home from some of these interviews I learned that my great grandmother Vesta Pickens passed away at the age of 99. After the tragic death of my mother’s mother, Vesta raised my mother as her own. I have some great memories of sitting on her front porch swing, eating moon pies and spying on the neighbors across the creek with little pair of old binoculars.

Routinely we would take a trip “in town” to go to the grocery and stop by the flea mall. When she would pick out birthday or holiday cards they had to be meaningful thing and if she didn’t like something it said she would scratch it out. Almost always those trips ended with a stop at Dairy Queen for some food and an ice cream cone. When we weren’t on the front porch or “in town” I’d be our running around the yard or having “attic adventures” upstairs in her home looking through all kinds of old things horded in the attic.

She was full of life and funny as could be. She had a stroke in _____ and went into an assisted living center. When we would go and visit she would always ask me if I had a girlfriend. She would be so proud to know that I’m now getting married. I only have vague memories of her second husband Gus and didn’t know her first husband Roy or her parents John and Bertha Smith Maddox.

It was during the next couple weeks traveling filming more interviews for this company history project that I realized how much I would have loved to spent more time around her and others family members. To listen to their stories of family history, growing up, schooling, love & romance, military service, national historic events that took place, parenting and children, their careers and work life, retirement and other life experiences. Furthermore I would love to have had these stories captured on video where my sister, cousins, nephews and nieces and our future children and their children would be able to see and hear our ancestors!

So I decided with my video production experience and background I’d begin capturing these “Legacy Video’s” to capture and treasure my family’s great stories and yours.

How would you like to share your story for your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren?

Who would you like to see share their story for generations to come?

You, Your Mother/Father, Grandmother/father or another loved one?

I have always desired to help others and am passionate about helping families know their family members better. I’ve learned some great things in talking with my grandparents and am excited to pass this onto my future children and generations to come. Contact me today (859-351-4113) so I can help you take the steps to making this possible for your family!