There are three phases to a LegacyVideo pre-production, production and post-production.


First there is the pre-production phase where we prepare and organize the capturing of your story We will discuss how your LegacyVideo will flow, what information needs to be gathered, how to organize your photos that you want to include in your LegacyVideo and the draft of list of questions we will use in the interview.


Next we have the production phase where we show up at your home or wherever you’d like to talk, setup our camera equipment and a few lights to make the videos look first class! Then it’s “lights, camera, action” when we sit down and have a conversation where we ask you some questions and answer. After the interview we will proceed to scan in your photos, slides and/or documents you would like included in the video. Occasionally customers ask us to also take a few pictures of other significant items that they would like included in the video too. We do all of this onsite on the day of production to ensure your priceless items stay in your possession!


After we have completed the production at your home we will then go back to our offices and begin the post-production process by editing the interview video, adding the images we scanned and any home movies. We’ll make your video flow like an episode on the A&E or Biography channel.

If you have any questions or are interested in looking into capturing your family legacy on video that can be shared with generations to come please don’t hesitate to call me anytime at 859-351-4113.